Workplace Discrimination: What Employers Need to Know and Spot

When:  Jul 20, 2022 from 11:00 to 12:00 (ET)
Over 60% of U.S. employees say they have seen or experienced discrimination in the workplace based on age, race, gender, LGBTQ+ status, or disability according to a survey by job site Glassdoor. Discrimi-nation can put a damper on employee engagement, destroy trust and cause low productivity while increasing turnover. As businesses compete for talent, ensuring inclusive work environments and building a sense of belonging are increasingly important area that job providers must focus on while identifying and rooting out discrimination. Employees and job seekers are also increasingly expecting employers to do more on these fronts.

This interactive webinar featuring employment law expert David Cessante from Clark Hill will help businesses and leaders learn how to spot discrimination and what to do to mitigate and prevent it. He will provide an overview of the state and federal laws that protect employees and job applicants from discrimination in hiring, firing, pay and other terms and conditions of employment and discuss practical steps employers can take to protect their business. 

Topics include:

  • An overview of the laws that prohibit discrimination
  • What an employee has to show in order to establish a claim of discrimination
  • The employer’s best steps and defenses to claims of discrimination
  • Actions employers can take to prevent such claims, including how to properly document and manage employee performance issues and build inclusive, welcoming environments around the workplace. 

This webinar will be recorded and available on-demand shortly after the live webinar.