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Catchy Personal Essay Topics

Essay writing is a very diverse field of academics. A student starts to practice it at a very early stage of academic life. Here are many types of an essay, each has a different purpose to serve and each one is written in a specific format. This is why if you want to become a good essay writer, you need to understand all of these basics.

In this article, we will talk about the topics of very interesting essay types, i.e. a personal essay. It is the type of essay in which the writer needs to explain their personal experience and thoughts on the subject of a paper. 

This essay is very much like a narrative and opinion essay. The aim of this essay is to combine narration and opinion together. To write an essay, there are a few pre-steps that we need to follow to make the whole process easy for us. If you do not have any idea about those steps, you can find professional writers and ask them “write my essay for me”. 

Here we have tried to make things a bit easy for you by helping you with one of the pre-steps which is the topic selection. The following are some very interesting and personal essay topics. Read them and use them well in your essay.

  • How did you meet your life partner for the first time? 
  • The best place to hang out in your local area.
  • A place where you would like to live your whole life.
  • The day you had the biggest disappointment of your life.
  • Books and movies that impact your personality. 
  • Why is technology becoming an addiction to today’s generation. 
  • Why are modern songs so illogical for you. 
  • Is it possible for you to survive without any money. 
  • Which method of studying is more effective for you. 
  • The most unfortunate event ever happened to you.
  • What happened to you when you saw a road accident. 

Before we move forward, you must know that all of these topics have been selected by a professional essay writing service

  • Which games were your favorite when you were a child.
  • Which birthday party you attended was the best one you have ever been to. 
  • Explain the time when you were home alone for the first time.
  • How you cooked a proper meal for the first time in your life. 
  • What lesson did your worst enemy teach you that you would never forget. 
  • Describe the moment you experienced a snowfall. 
  • Describe an adventurous trip of your life. 
  • How much money do you need for happiness?
  • Which element is more important when it comes to happiness: money or love. 
  • Is it important to be conscious of the new fashion trends?
  • Why is a healthy lifestyle important. 
  • At write my essay service you can also find some more interesting topics on any essay type you want. 
  • Have you ever loved someone. 
  • Explain your personal opinion of distant learning and the new online education system.
  • Can listening to music help a person to distract his mind. 
  • How is online shopping a better option these days. 
  • Why do you want to go abroad for higher education.
  • Importance of learning mathematical subjects for a better future.
  • What makes you go against your parents and teachers. 
  • What happened when you became a graduate. 

After you have a good topic at hand, the next thing is to start writing it. Make sure that you use the best of your writing skills. In case you think that you can not spare the time or the whole assignment, you can simply hit up a writing service with your “write essay for me” requests.


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